Welcome to Internet Headshots

Why are we in business?
Your headshot is the first thing people see about you. Whether it’s on your social networking profile, business card or website people see that image before learning anything else about you. Internet Headshots is in business to help you make a great first impression.

What can we do for you?
Our business is about helping you make a great first impression that will bring you more success. We create a professional headshot for you that gets noticed and attracts more leads and customers for you.

Why should you do business with us?
Our team has trained extensively in the art of photography. Specifically we study the best techniques for capturing headshots. We know what looks good and what doesn’t. Our master photographers will find that perfect angle which reflects your personality and features best. We have the strong technical skills needed to create a headshot and compliment them with superior customer service. You will love your experience with our company.

Best product
Our photographers do not use basic point-and-shoot cameras like you might have at home. Each member of our team is equipped with premium digital equipment including cameras, lights and accessories. We select the best tools available to create images with clarity, color, and vivid details that you will love.

Best service
Amazing customer service is just as important to us as great photography. We consider making you look and feel great part of our job. We accept that responsibility with enthusiasm and pride.

Our service is designed to be a small investment that yields exponential returns. Our rates are competitive. We will provide you a point-by-point comparison of our service versus any other companies for free. Our plans include individual photo shoots and group sessions. We offer discounted rates for groups of two or more.

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