Actors and Actresses

Headshots are a staple of the entertainment and film industry going back to Hollywood in the 1920’s. Many successful actors and actresses say the most important part of their resume is the headshot. Your headshot can make or break your career. It’s the image that reminds casting directors and producers who you are. It expresses your look and should showcase your personality.

Internet Headshots recognizes the importance our photographs have for actors and actresses. We help your personality to shine through in the portrait. During the photo shoot we will look for your best angle that is flattering for every feature of your face.

Our state-of-the-art cameras and master trained photographers are ready to capture the best possible image of you. The pictures will be crystal clear and the colors vibrant. For your black-and-white headshot the details will be crisp and engaging.

An actor or an actress must trust their headshot photographer. We are willing to do whatever it takes to win your respect. It’s our goal to see you succeed in your career whether in movies, television, internet shows or the stage.

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