Digital Headshots

From the camera sensor, to the editing bay, to delivery via the Internet our process is 100% digital. Internet Headshots uses the latest digital SLR photography to produce outstanding pictures. You will love the clarity, the detail and color of our images. We can retouch the portraits digitally to your specifications. Our turnaround is fast with the picture files sent directly to you through e-mail.

The sensor technology used in your home point-and-shoot camera or cell phones does not match the resolution of our professional grade SLR cameras. Megapixel resolution implemented in these low-grade cameras is often a fraction of the current SLR industry standard. Manufacturers simply do not have room to integrate a full-size, high-quality optical sensor because of extreme size constraints in these devices. There is also considerable price point pressure on these cameras. Often the low and mid range cameras lack sharpness and color details. Our photographers only use top of the market digital SLR cameras to capture your headshots.

The Internet Headshots team is trained in the art of photography. So we have the best equipment but also know how to use it with mastery. We pride ourselves on providing you the best digital headshot photography service in the industry.

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