For actor, actress or model headshots professional make-up is essential. Using a make-up artist for business, personal and dating heashots is optional but we highly recommend it. Many local beauty salons have in house makeup artists that can assist you. It may be convenient to have your make-up done by the same salon which styles your hair. Independent make-up artists are also available to work with you on location. We can supply you a list of salons and make-up artists in your area.

In most cases a natural make-up look is preferred. A heavy application, strong eyeshadow, bold lips, etc. will glamorize your headshot. A glamour look may cause confusion when people meet you in person because you don’t wear that style every day. Headshots for business, personal or dating use should put your natural face forward in the best possible light. People should instantly recognize you from your headshot. Defined natural make-up will help you create a great first impression that is easily recognized in-person.

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