Headshot Rates

Professional portrait and headshot sessions typically cost between $200 and $500 dollars. Then they pressure you to buy prints, frames, etc. We don’t sell these products so you will never be pressured by us to purchase prints, frames and things you do not want.

We know people like to shop around before making an important decision- like a headshot photographer. We will happily send you a point-by-point comparison of our offer versus any other company for free. Please email us a link to the competing offer at email@internetheadshots.com

Our service includes the location setup and photo shoot session. You select the final image to be retouched. Proofs and retouched pictures are sent to you online.

You will find many photographers and companies do not list their rates online. We are open about our prices so you have a complete picture of our service.

Rates for an Internet Headshots photo shoot:
1 person, $150.00
2 people, $100.00 each ($200.00 total)
3 people, $90.00 each ($270.00 total)

Setup at a single location is included in the rate. Additional setups are $100.00 per location.

All amounts are quoted in U.S. dollars.

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