What is a headshot?

The definition of a headshot varies. Most often it refers to a portrait taken from the upper part of the chest to the top of the person’s head. The face is the key subject in the picture. Headshot lighting should be flattering to the person in the portrait. A photographer should look for an angle on the subject that best compliments his or her features.

Heashots have many uses. Actors give them to directors during casting calls. Corporations use executive headshots on their websites. Small business owners use them on professional networks like Linkedin. Individuals can use a great headshot on their social profiles at Facebook, Twitter, etc. Online daters need headshots to bring attention to their profiles.

Internet Headshots photography team is trained to look for subtle nuances in a person’s face to find that perfect angle which best defines them. Our master photographers are skilled in many types of lighting that can create a mood which allows your personality to jump out. You’ll love how we make you look.

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